Himalayan Salt Lamps for Your Home

Why You Might Want to Get Himalayan Salt Lamps for Your Home – in Two Words

Simple. Aesthetics.

Himalayan Salt lamps are much-touted for their ability to purify the air in your home or office, by releasing precious negative ions, and locking up airborne pathogens in it’s salty matrix so that you don’t have to breathe them in. However, for my money, the single biggest benefit of Himalayan Salt Lamps, and the benefit that cannot be argued with by even the staunchest skeptic is the fact that they are simply gorgeous.

I defy anyone to pick up a nice big Himalayan Salt Lamp UK (they are all made of pretty big chunks of salt, tbh), and not find them abundantly charming. Each one is a veritable lesson in geology, and into the wondrous life of the planet and everything on it.

Legend has it that the Salt of the salt lamps was formed when ancient seas dried up or were trapped within the bowels of the earth. These seas became gigantic deposits of this wonderful and wonderfully coloured salt. This is the stuff of the mother ocean, where all life began.

Because it is like densely concentrated seawater (it’s seawater with all the water removed), it is small wonder that there is such power in these objects. This salt is not just edible, it is amongst the most prized salt in the world. It is rich in over eighty four different trace minerals. It is these and their differing concentrations that help to give these lamps their wonderful rosy dawn or dying sunset glow.

All the different kinds of salts bound up in this crystalline nervelessness have different refractive indexes if you must know the science, and, coupled with the fact that you stick and orange bulb in there, give this stone its ability to function as such a beautiful filter for light.

Is it a coincidence that these same salts are also vital for virtually all life? This kind of rock salt is the kind that elephants will dig out miles and miles of subterranean cave systems for. It arguably nature’s most generous bounty.

What all this adds up to is that you can have one of these in your home, you can have several, and they simply will not fail to please. I think it may be an ancestral memory – our bodies and our minds innately recognise a substance that is vital to our health and well-being, just like they can recognise that a perfectly ripe mango is completely delicious. Why would they not?

It’s not rocket science. When you couple the beautiful light with the fact that the crystal that makes up an individual lamp is shot through with glinting fault lines with unfathomable reflections, and gorgeous jagged seams and veins of unknown import, you have a truly mesmerizing and beautiful object.

Because the light is subdued and orange, these lamps can be really subtle and unobtrusive too. Having them on all day is no problem, and when the sun goes down they come into their own.

They make simply perfect kid’s nightlights, and they won’t interfere with anyone’s sleep if you leave them on all night. Personally, I prefer to sleep in something as close to total darkness as possible, but we have our bedroom salt lamp on all the rest of the time.

So there you have it. Of course, millions swear of the other benefits Salt Lamps bring, and I would say that it’s no wonder they help will all of those things – they’re miraculous little objects by anyone’s standards!