Did Personal Hygiene Really Cost Me A Great Relationship?

Hygiene and relationships – Make or Break

There are only a few things in life that are more painful than losing the love of your life. Obviously deaths of loved ones tops the list, but when you are in love and the other person calls it quits is also something that can leave a long lasting scar.

For me, this happened not too long ago. The reason for ending the relationship was something that took me by real surprise, being my oral hygiene. That was definitely a new one for me, as I had never had a relationship come to an end because of that!

We got along so well. We really enjoyed every minute we got to spend together, but apparently I have hygiene issues that were beyond repair.

I never thought I would lose someone because of oral hygiene, but it happened and it has left me scratching my head. The manner in which the break took place made it even harder, as I found out she had stepped out on me for another man.

I was cheated on by the woman I wanted to marry, and when everything came to head, she told me that my bad breath was the reason she started to pull away. I mean, why not tell me? Why not let me know so I can make some changes in my daily oral hygiene routines? Instead, she say’s nothing, leads me to believe that everything is okay, then cheats on me with another man.

I was devastated and lost. Thanks to websites like OvercomeInfidelity.net I was able to pull myself together and eventually move on. It was not easy, but in the end I came to the conclusion that it was really not meant to be. If it were, she would have addressed the issues with me so I could have found a solution, like chewing gum for Pete’s sake! To end a relationship without even letting me know it bothered her seems crazy, but hey, such is life!

To be honest, I am not really sure why it happened. I brush my teeth religiously 2-3 times per day. Maybe it was the coffee? I tend to eat a lot of spicy foods, garlic, and onions, so maybe those were all quietly causing my breath to sour a little bit as the day went on.

I took it pretty hard, so I researched a lot about oral hygiene, and made some changes to the way I took care of my mouth. I will leave a link to a video below that helped steer me in the right directions, so maybe you can avoid some of the same problems I encountered.

The moral of the story is simple. Take care of yourself and do your best to make sure your daily hygiene is good, because you never know what might or might not happen as a result of not taking proper care of yourself.

Here is that short video that I found with some great oral hygiene tips that helped get me going in the right direction with my oral hygiene. I learned a few things, and maybe you can too!