Las Vegas: a City that Defies All Odds

Las Vegas is situated in the United States, in the western state of Nevada; rising like an oasis from the Mojave Desert, this city of over a million people enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year. If ever there was a city that shouldn’t be, it’s Las Vegas. Starting life…

How to Relax at Airports [infographic]

No matter when or where you’re travelling to, there is almost always going to be an element of stress to your journey, particularly if it involves travelling through an airport. From forgetting to bring essential items such as passport, boarding pass etc. there are plenty of reasons why a trip can turn from a holiday into a nightmare.

Learning to relax and enjoy yourself while inside an airport isn’t always easy, however, with the help of a few simple tips you’ll be sure to handle any situation that come your way.

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Las Vegas: a City that Defies All Odds

Las Vegas is situated in the United States, in the western state of Nevada; rising like an oasis from the Mojave Desert, this city of over a million people enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year.

If ever there was a city that shouldn’t be, it’s Las Vegas. Starting life as a windswept watering-hole on the pioneer trail, this is a city that continually beat the odds. Over the decades Las Vegas grew into a kind of neon Camelot, whose casinos and rat-pack style has become almost legendary. But if your ideas about Las Vegas look like an old super 8 movie, prepare to be blown away, and I mean really blown away!

This is not just a city, the Las Vegas of the 21st century is like visiting another planet, a pleasure planet. It’s a total escapist fantasy – everyone is here for a good time from grandma Joe to superstars.

Whatever you want, you can have it here – looking for a taste of classic Vegas ghettio? Head down-town to Freeman street and into a world of old-school cocktail lounges, piano bars and classic casinos.

Ok, now it’s time to hit the strip! If everything’s big in Vegas, it’s a hundred times bigger here. We’re not talking casinos anymore – we’re talking mythical cities, whole worlds geared around you having the time of your life.

Whatever move floats your boat, you’ll find it here. Fancy three days of unbelievable indulgence? Say Bonjourno to the Ballagio and her incredible dancing fountains. Step back in time with the luxury of Ceaser’s palace – this is what ancient Egypt and Rome might have been like if they’d discovered electricity and cocktails or happy hours a little sooner.

Feeling more tropically inclined? Kick of those heels and feel the sand between your toes at the marage and madellae bay resorts. The resorts of the strip are so vast and self-contained it’s possible to land in one and not step outside again until the rest of your stay. But you will step out and explore the unique themes of at least a few others, sampling the incredible shows, dining and shopping experience each one has to offer.

If this neon paradise still ain’t enough for you, Mother Nature has a few surprise of her own. That is, if you can find your way out. The valley of fire is just 50 miles out of town and the Grand Canyon is a half a day drive away. But as the night time descends, Vegas calls. Like an incredible cluster of neon jewels under the desert sky. Las Vegas dazzles like no other city. She’s here to remind us that we’re here on earth not for a long time but for a short time. And Las Vegas will be the best time you ever had!

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Philadelphia: the Cultural Hub of the United States

Philadelphia is located in the north east of the United States, in between New York and Washington D.C., the Pennsylvanian city is home to over one and half million people and is the nation’s fifth largest city.

Philadelphia is considered to be the birth place of the United States, it was here that the nation’s declaration of independence from Britain was first read publicly back in 1776. the tolling of a two thousand pound bell marked the occasion. The bell has since become a symbol of freedom and can be admired in the liberty bell centre.

Philadelphia is also the birth place of the constitution which was debated eleven years later across the road in the state house which is now the independence hall.

America’s founding fathers walked these old city streets and the many heritage building in this area are preserved as part of the independence national historical park. While you’re at the national constitution centre, take in the rollicking story of prohibition in the roaring twenties. Protest against the anti-liquor law was fierce and the many arrests threw the justice system of balance. Perhaps the most infamous bootlegging gangster was Al Scarface Capone who spent his first prison sentence in the eastern state penitentiary in 1929. Take an audio tour and hear gripping stories that bring the world famous jail back to life.

To hear more voices from the city’s past, head to the African American museum, its audio visual projections and artefact collection are aimed at preserving the heritage of African Americans.

Within Washington square lies the tomb of the unknown soldier of the American Revolution. The city’s colonial past is still apparent but nowadays Philadelphia is a modern city with plenty of art, shopping and culture. Do as locals do and explore the city by bike or public transport. Or hop on and off a sightseeing bus.

Fairmount park is the city’s public back yard – it’s great for a walk and it showcases many archetectual tresures. Admire outdoor art on the Bejamin Franklin parkway but check out the Smith Memorial arch dedicated to the military heroes of the Civil war.

Strike Rocky’s pose on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Set upon a hill, the neoclassical building is one of the largest museums in the country. It has over two hundred themed galleries displaying nearly two hundred and thirty thousand paintings, sculptures and objects.

The please touch museum means playtime for the kids even toddlers will love this handson museum where they are never hushed – who doesn’t want to get lost in wonderland for a while? The interactive displays in the museum are fun and educational. Children can also learn a great deal in the academy of natural sciences on Logan Square.

Admire the displays of the various species that roamed the far north and take the opportunity to pet live animals.
To sample the local food head straight to old reading terminal market. Find out why the locals love their cheese stick so much or hand-picked deli treats from the colourful stalls. For more culinary discoveries visit Philadelphia’s Italian market on 9th street. The district’s Italian community was establish in the 1880s, their love for quality food and organic produce still prevails today.

Philadelphia’s climate is very pleasant in the springtime and fall, the most colourful seasons bring out the best of the city but it’s fair to say that Philadelphia is stunning all year round. Come to Philly any time you want, you’ll soon discover why Philly is so cherished by Americans.

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